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Article I – Name

This club shall be known as the "Madison BMW Club, Ltd."


Article II – Objectives


The objectives of this club shall be to organize eligible members into a club; to increase the pleasure and popularity of motorcycle touring; to visit points of interest; to promote a better image of motorcycling: to better understand the operation and maintenance of the BMW motorcycle; and in all other ways derive enjoyment from the recreational and social program of the club.


Article III – Membership


Section I – Active Members

Members shall be licensed motorcycle drivers who own and ride BMW motorcycles, except that a member may qualify for membership by owning another brand of motorcycle providing, however, that at no time shall the club be composed of more than one-third members qualified for membership by other than BMW motorcycles. Spouses of persons who have become active members by the above provisions may become active members.

Section 2 – Applications for Membership

Applicants for membership must attend three official club events before they may be considered for membership. During or after the third such event the applicant must be approved for membership by a minimum three-fourths vote of the membership present at a meeting, providing Section 1 has been complied with. Upon payment of the first year’s dues such applicant, if successful, shall be made an active member and entitled to the rights and privileges of such membership. When an applicant fails to obtain the required three-fourths vote for membership, he may not apply again for membership for a period of one year from the date of such vote. During this year period no member shall invite him/her on, and he/she shall not attend, any events or function of the club. Upon reapplication for membership, such applicant must undergo all the provisions of this Section.

Section 3 – Members In Good Standing Shall Be Entitled to:

    1. a vote and voice in club affairs
    2. hold elective office
    3. join in, and invite guests to join in club events and runs

Section 4 – Honorary Memberships

Honorary memberships may be granted by a two-thirds vote of the membership at a meeting. Such membership shall have the privileges enumerated at such meeting, except that in no case shall such membership carry with it the right to vote or hold elected office.

Section 5 – Termination of Membership

A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the club by a two-thirds vote of the membership providing such member is first given the opportunity to defend himself against any charges before the voting membership. Membership shall also be terminated after nonpayment of dues for a period of two months, or after a member ceases to be eligible for membership as specified in Article III, Section 1.

Section 6 – Resignation of Members

Any member may resign be giving verbal or written notice to any member of the Board of Directors. Such member surrenders any and all rights to the club and its property.

Section 7 – Associate Membership

An active member in good standing may sponsor an applicant to the club as an Associate member prior to that applicant attending three official club events. Upon payment of dues the Associate member’s privileges shall be limited to joining in club events and runs. These privileges shall be granted for a period not to exceed one year from the time of sponsorship. Upon completion of or prior to the one year time limitation, the Associate member may apply for active membership as outlined in Section 2 of this Article. The Associate member, except for any unusual circumstances, who has not been in attendance at three official club functions during the one year time limitation, shall be considered as having failed application for active membership.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1 – Officers of the Club

The officers of this club shall be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, rally director, newsletter editor, and social director.

Section 2 – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of this club shall consist of the seven officers whose terms shall be concurrent with their terms as officers.

Article V – Elections


Section 1 – Date of the Elections

The officers of the club shall be elected annually at the regular business meeting held during the fourth quarter of each calendar year. Installation shall be automatic and immediate upon election.

Section 2 – Procedures

Candidates for office must be active members in good standing. Candidates shall be nominated from the floor and voted on by secret ballot, except that no secret ballot shall be held if a candidate is unopposed. In the event no nominee obtains a majority of the votes cast, a run-off election between those tow nominees receiving the highest number of votes shall be held.

Section 3 – Removal From Office

Officers may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the membership at any business meeting, providing that the subject officer has an opportunity to defend himself against any charges before the voting membership.

Section 4 – Vacancies

Any elected office which becomes vacant for any reason shall be filled in the conventional way by nomination from the floor. Any office which becomes vacant as a result of this election may then be immediately filled and so on.

Article VI – Meetings


Section 1 – Time of Meetings

Regular meetings of this club may be held at any given time approved by a majority of the club’s membership present at a business meeting. Business meetings may be held at any run, activity, or event. Special meetings may be called by the president of a majority of the board of directors providing the membership is given at least two days’ notice by mail or phone or verbally.

Section 2 – Annual Meeting

An annual meeting shall be held during the fourth quarter of each calendar year. At this meeting officers shall be elected/installed and dues shall be paid. New members will be nominated as necessary.

Section 3 – Quorum

Active members in good standing holding fifty (50) percent of the votes of the entire club membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4 – Parliamentary Procedures

Meetings are to be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. In so far as they are applicable to the club constitution and by-laws.

Section 5 – Order of Business

The order of business shall be:

    1. roll call
    2. collection of dues
    3. previous minutes
    4. correspondence and bills
    5. reports of the offices and committees
    6. applications for membership
    7. old business
    8. new business
    9. adjournment

Article VII – Duties of Officers


Section 1 – President

The president shall:

    1. preside at all meetings
    2. appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club
    3. personally represent the club on proper occasions
    4. assist other officers when necessary
    5. collect and review all club mail
    6. act on or distribute club mail to the appropriate board member for action
    7. prepare a short monthly report for the newsletter
    8. insure adherence to constitution and by-laws by members and board

Section 2 – Vice President

The vice-president shall:

    1. perform the duties of the president in his/her absence or when he.she wishes to step down from the chair
    2. assist board members in routine duties, as requested
    3. arrange for facilities, menus, and such for club banquets and breakfasts

Section 3 – Secretary-Treasurer

The secretary shall:

    1. keep minutes of the meetings of the members and board
    2. read the minutes at the following meetings
    3. maintain correspondence as directed by the president
    4. perform all other duties incidental to the office

Section 4 – Treasurer

The treasurer shall:

    1. collect dues from all members
    2. make payments of club funds when authorized by the club
    3. make a report on the club’s financial status at meetings
    4. deposit all money on hand in the club bank account
    5. co-sign all checks drawn on the account
    6. prepare a short financial statement for the newsletter

Section 5 – Newsletter Editor

    1. solicit newsletter articles from the membership and from the board members
    2. prepare the articles as necessary for printing
    3. have the newsletter printed
    4. mail out newsletter as necessary

Section 6 – Activities Director

The activities director shall:

    1. establish the club’s annual calendar of functions, including breakfasts, tours, and banquet
    2. arrange for awards and such as necessary in preparation of the club calendar
    3. solicit or appoint ride coordinators as necessary
    4. furnish the newsletter editor with the calendar and with revisions, as necessary for printing
    5. be exempt from any administrative responsibilities associated with the rally

Section 7 – Rally Director

The rally director shall:

    1. solicit or appoint committee chairs for the various rally functions as necessary
    2. obtain a signed contract for the rally site campground
    3. develop appropriate registration forms and have such printed
    4. arrange for appropriate mailing of registration forms
    5. order concessions as necessary (coffee, beer, etc)
    6. arrange for use of necessary equipment (tent, roasters, coffee pots, etc)
    7. perform other duties as necessary to ensure a successful rally
    8. report to the membership on the rally programs
    9. following rally, report to the membership areas which must be addressed to endure successful future rallies
    10. submit written report for publication in club newsletter

Article VIII – Committees


All committees shall be appointed by the president, subject to the approval of the membership, from the list of active members in good standing and he shall have the right to remove any of the committee members.


Article IX – Road Captains

A road captain shall be in charge of each club tour, run, and ride subject to such orders as the club membership shall give, when approving the calendar year event schedule. Road captains shall be appointed by the president or social director, after soliciting volunteers from the membership, for a specific club run or event. The road captain shall be responsible for planning, organizing, and leading the designated club run or event at the date and time specified by the president or social director and for leading the group at a safe speed and making sure the group is kept together to the destination. The road captain shall be responsible to lead all members who request, back to the starting point.

Article X – Dues, Fees, and Club Funds


Section 1 – Dues

Dues and fees shall be established as required by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the membership. Membership dues shall be equal for active and associate members. Dues for spouses of active members shall be one-fourth the normal dues.

Section 2 – Visitors at Club Runs

Owners and riders of motorcycles who are not members of the club may attend one run of the club without charge.

Section 3 – Special Assessments

Assessments must be approved by a majority of members present at a regular business meeting. Members 65 years of age and older shall be exempt from any special assessments.


Article XI – Amendments


Section 1 – Changes or Additions to this Document

Changes or additions to the constitution and by-laws of this club shall be carried by a majority of seventy-five percent (75%) or more of the members at a business meeting. Voting by proxy is acceptable providing the proxy is submitted in writing to the secretary before the meeting. The secretary shall cast all proxy votes.

Section 2 – Notice of Change or Addition

Notice of a motion to change or add to the constitution and by-laws shall be mailed to all active members in good standing so that post marks are dated no less then fourteen days before the voting data.

Section 3 – Notice to Change or Amend

A motion to change or amend the constitution and by-laws of this club may be made by any member at any meeting of this club or by majority vote of the board of directors in a board meeting.

Article XII – Dissolution


In the event of the club’s dissolution, all club assets after deletion of any and all liabilities shall be distributed equally among the active members in good standing at the time of such dissolution.

Article XIII – Charter Members


The following eligible persons joined the Madison BMW Club, Ltd., on or before June 16, 1971, and paid their dues on or before the same date and are therefore hereby decreed Charter Members of the Madison BMW Club, Ltd.:

In Memoriam: George A Martin

In Memoriam: David Maly

Milton A. Alswager

Russell Atkinson

Cherie Barnes

Harry C. Christanson

Jeffrey M. Dean

M. Fred Fuller

Jean Christanson Holbeck

Jon Holtman

Fred Meier 

Richard Munson

Harley Sausock

Leroy Schimming

Fred Sprouse